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Regional Cooperative Tourism Program
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Serving all of Central Oregon

The tourism region of Central Oregon lies on the eastern side of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, consisting of Deschutes, Jefferson, Crook and Southern Wasco Counties. The Central Oregon Visitors Association (COVA), dba Visit Central Oregon, has been selected as the Regional Destination Management Organization (RDMO) to contract with Travel Oregon and represent the region.

As the RDMO for Central Oregon, the Central Oregon Regional Cooperative Tourism Program stakeholder group’s vision for the region is to level the seasonality of visitor demand; create programs and opportunity to enhance tourism development, as well as, protect our natural assets and product sustainability. Most importantly, the Central Oregon stakeholders remain a committed partnership to work responsibly and creatively establish the region as a year-round visitor destination.

Central Oregon RCTP Plan

Global Marketing

The RDMO will engage consumers and invite destination visitation through multi-tiered, highly targeted advertising, sales, and public relations programs.

The strategy will leverage COVA’s destination marketing investment in out-of-state target markets, thereby ensuring the highest and best use of industry resources.

Public Relations is a cost-effective strategy to elevate and complement COVA’s destination marketing and advertising strategies. FAM/research trips are a way for travel writers to experience the destination and help tell the unique stories of Central Oregon.

Website development will provide a vehicle to disperse visitor inquiries to partners throughout the region. Content development will be available for DMO and industry partners to utilize for their community websites seamlessly.


  1. Media FAMs research trips & story pitches
  2. Website
  3. Digital content development
  4. Travel Oregon Regional Pack (TORP)

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Destination Development

The RDMO and Central Oregon stakeholders have placed destination development as a top priority for regional investment resources. Destination development strategies will provide the opportunity for both rural and urban assets and attributes of the region to be supported with resources from the RCTP.

The destination development vision is that the region will support programs that will lead to product development that is visionary, sustainable and responsibly focused on resource enhancement and protection. These tactics encompass both large-scale and small-scale projects, as the need and priorities within the region are quite diverse from community to community

  • Ensure that existing commercial air service to the region is retained and that flight frequency and additional non-stop routes and air carrier relationships are developed
  • Balance the seasonal influx of visitors and impacts on ‘over-loved’ natural attractions
  • Facilitate and develop a community grant program to provide development support for individual new projects and community priorities


  1. Destination development matching grant program
  2. Commercial air service development & marketing fund
  3. Deschutes Trails Collaborative (DTC)

Global Sales

The Global Sales strategies will leverage the regionwide partnerships established to support and sustain the robust in-market and inbound FAM opportunities presented by Travel Oregon.

The development of international awareness could not be achieved for Central Oregon without the leveraged opportunities provided by Travel Oregon’s Global Sales department.

Following multiple years of modest investment, Central Oregon is seeing real growth in international relationships and sales catalogs. This momentum must receive continued attention and investment.

Our international visitors are known to stay longer and spend more money while in our communities. In addition, the international traveler is a key target for non-peak travel and rural exploration and adventure.


  1. IAGTO – NAC 2018
  2. Brand USA international microSite
  3. Domestic programs for international global sales

Industry & Visitor Services

Central Oregon Stakeholders determined that opportunity for industry networking, education and engagement are important. A barrier for many stakeholders is the financial commitment to attend and participate in the single most important industry-networking event in the state; the Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism.

Central Oregon strongly believes that attendance and industry engagement at the conference is a priority that should be supported with a regional scholarship program.


  1. Governor’s conference: attendance, sponsor & exhibitor support

Group | Convention | Sports

Central Oregon’s Group/Convention/Sports development and sales initiatives will continue to develop awareness, networking and face to face destination sales with qualified Meeting Planners from across the US.

The US Group Sales and Convention markets is a key opportunity for shoulder season development, as Meeting Planners book far in advance and are motivated for nonpeak travel to achieve favorable rates.

Central Oregon strongly believes that attendance and industry engagement at the conference is a priority that should be supported with a regional scholarship program. The Regional efforts will focus on group/convention lead development in new markets to ensure the RDMO is complementing and building the exposure for the region; while being cognizant to avoiding the RDMO competing in any way with the sales teams of our regional private sector partners.


  1. Sales: group, convention, and/or sports

Overall Success Measures

Six of COVA’s seven full-time staff members invest significant time and resources to support the Central Oregon RCTP to ensure full integration of the RCTP programs into the regional destination strategies.

Comprehensive time invested by the COVA team to function as the RDMO in the appropriate convening leadership capacity for the region equates to an estimated 1.5 FTE positions.